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DNA Inc.

offers a broad array of high quality interior completion and refurbishment. DNA Inc is a consortium from the experience of hundreds of high level executive and Head of State aircraft interior projects.  From the manufacture and installation of a single item to an entire interior package, we are poised to supply your needs and exceed your expectations worldwide.

The FAA new Burn Regulations have thrown the industry a new challange.  The total elimination of the use of wood and effectively many other materials in aircraft has caused a total rethink on how to maintain the high level of luxury required in custom aircraft interiors. DNA has the experience with these new 6565 Burn Regulations and is prepared to help with your project today. 

A quality interior begins with a Quality Design. Our proven design practices, material selection and procurement procedures assure that your furnishings will continue to meet both your functional and aesthetic specifications throughout their service life. Whether you utilize your own design or allow our staff to create your interior, you can be sure DNA, Inc. will execute the concept into a finished product that will exemplify the highest of quality.

Rare craftsmanship is at the heart of each project. Once a design has been chosen, DNA Inc.'s one goal is to execute that design with the highest quality of materials, finishes, equipment and hardware obtainable. Only with this dedication to quality can we not only deliver a product that will meet our customers high expectations, but satisfy our own commitment to be the best at what we do.

Project Management.

From initial concept through final certification, we provide full program management capabilities. Our experience ensures a disciplined and comprehensive approach to planning the success of your project. Through analysis of your operational aesthetic and budgetary requirements is performed to ensure development of a concise, accurate specification. This simplifies the solicitation process and sets the stage for a project that is free of any surprises.

Evaluation of contractor proposals is accomplished on a level playing field, thus selection of each supplier will be based on the strongest and the most cost effective contribution to the project and provide the best value to our customers.






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